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Are you a Good Leader for Your Dog?

Does your Dog listen to you? Does he get away with naughty or even aggressive, protective behaviour? Are your walks calm and relaxing or chaotic?


If your Dogs’ behaviour is Chaotic, aggressive or he simply doesn’t listen, then you might ask who is the leader in your relationship? To help your Dog relax and have a secure and calm life it is important that they know you have their back. This means, providing rules and boundaries with fairness and consistency.

Answering “Yes” to any of the following questions could put a question mark in your Dogs’ mind at who is really the leader in your house or relationship:

  • Does your Dog bark uncontrollably?
  • Is your Dog frantic and runs all over the house
  • Does your Dog jump all over people?
  • Does your Dog pull on the leash?
  • Does your Dog growl at other family members?
  • Are you scared your Dog might bite?
  • Does your Dog protect food and objects?
  • Does your Dog give the toy so you can continue to play?
  • Does your Dog understand and obey obedience commands?
  • Does your Dog wait when asked too?
  • Does your Dog steal or beg for food?
  • Does your Dog push people to get affection?
  • Are they aggressive to other Dogs and People?

These are just some examples, but you get the picture.

The severity of your Dogs’ behaviour may be anything from annoying behaviour to warning signs that could have disastrous consequences. The question is, would you like your Dog to be calm, relaxed and enjoy life more? Would you like them to listen to you? Would you love to be able to take your Dog with you comfortably on outings, knowing that they are well behaved?

From your Dogs point of view, having a calm, consistent, fair leader allows them to feel relaxed and safe. This, effectively, takes the pressure off them. Being a good leader for your Dog provides security with rules and boundaries. Combined with fun, play and consistent rules and boundaries your Dog now has the security and love that they need.

The fact is, an inconsistent Dog handler and owner can lead to disrespect in the Dog world. This inevitably leads to Dog behaviour problems.

We can enhance your and your Dogs’ life so everyone wins. Contact us if you would like more information on how to be a great leader for your Dog.

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