Dog Behavior Training

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    Are you frustrated with your Dogs' behaviour? Would you love to transform your Dog into a happy canine companion?

    These are some of the common behaviour problems from our clients.

    • Aggressive barking, lunging/ attacking
    • Socialisation issues with people and Dogs
    • Food aggression, resource guarding
    • Anxiety
    • Nervous and shy behaviour
    • Excessive barking
    • Jumping
    • Digging holes, destructive behavior
    • Pulling on the lead
    • Not coming back when called .... and many more.

    Using Dog psychology and games we assess your Dog in its own environment. We maximize positive outcomes with fast results. Our reward based training system emphasizes clear communication and understanding with your Dog.

    Your Dog will learn efficiently and effectively with our customized In-Home Private Training. We even train your Dog for you with our Play and Train packages. Solving all behaviour problems for all types of breeds and ages is what we do best.

    Our on-going support during and after training with us ensures your success to achieve the Dog you always wanted!

    To book your Dog or Puppy in for behaviour modification training simply fill in the form or Contact Us on 04007 09865 to start your journey to success.