Sara Keltie

The 8 week program was a life-changer for us!
Debbie understands that your dogs are part of your family – and that every family is different! She took the time to get to know us and what kind of life we wanted to live with Hazel and Bosun. She also took into consideration that given both our dogs were rescues, and had hard starts in life, that they needed to be treated with kindness and patience.
Hazel and Bosun still get to see Debbie when they board with her. We don’t often go on trips without them but when we do it is so comforting knowing they are staying somewhere they can have fun, with someone they adore!
I could go on and on about how thankful we are to have found Vision Dog Training. I truly thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything she has done for us. I can’t recommend her enough!