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    Achieve the best results with our in home private dog and puppy training, from the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane. Book your appointment with Debbie today!

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    From the Sunshine Coast to North Brisbane regions we offer Professional Dog & Puppy Training to help you and your dog live your best lives together! Contact Debbie today for a free phone consultation to get started.

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    Our Puppy Training Services

    Our Puppy Training package ensures the best start to your new life together. From Puppy Toilet training to puppy obedience training.

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    Dog Behavior Training

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    Puppy Training

    Enjoy your Puppy experience right from the start as you grow your…

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    Basic Dog Obedience Training

    Want more fun and freedom with your Dog? Would you like your…

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    Services for Advanced Dog Training and obedience.

    Advanced Dog Training

    Take your Dog to the next level with our Advanced Dog Training…

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    About Us

    At Vision dog training, we specialize in tailor-made solutions to help you and your dog. We aim to help you and your dog to grow that special bond. Many common behavioural traits are easily fixed! We will guide you on being confident and stress-free, knowing you can enjoy your day with your obedient, calm and happy canine friend. We offer Puppy and Dog play and train private lessons on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We aim to make it a total pleasure for you, your dog, and everyone around.


    Dog training is not a one size fits all solution so we offer home consultations to ensure a personalized service for your individual dog training requirements.


    Our training programs show you how to combine language, emotions, body language and energy to communicate with your pup. We believe that good behaviour is about creating a balanced, healthy relationship between a dog and its family.


    Creating a positive bond between you, your dog and the family is paramount for great success. Even though dogs learn well with rewards, it's equally as important to know when, how and what behaviour to reward.


    We work with you to deliver a calm well-behaved dog that is a pleasure for everyone at home to be with. You can now relax and enjoy time with your family and best mate the way you had always intended.