Dog Training Solutions

Have more fun with your dog through communication and obedience training.

Enjoy your experience right from the start as you grow your bond with your new pup.

Solve behaviour problems and transform your Dog into a happy canine companion.

Accomplish advanced obedience skills and experience true off-leash freedom.

What BEST Vision do you have for your dog?

Utilise the best, easiest and most fun ways to really understand your dog with the help of our qualified, experienced behavioural specialists. We will give you guidance on how to be confident and stress-free, knowing you can enjoy your day with your obedient, calm and happy canine friend. It will be a pleasure for you, your Dog, and everyone around.

Our services include puppy training and basic to advanced dog training, specialising in behavioural problems. We offer personalised training packages to suit your time and budget to finally have the dog you dreamed of.

Get started on the right paw with our in-home private lessons to set you and your dog up for success in life together. 

Play & Train Packages

Experience the joy of a well-trained dog and a happier, more fulfilling life together with our professional training programs.


• Dog Walking
• Dog Boarding
• Phone & Email Support
• Obedience "Refresher" Course
• Behaviour Control Development


• All 1 Week Content
• Dog "Language" Training
• Marker Cues for Release & Work Modes
• Focus & Manners Training
• Basic Commands
• Recall Techniques
• Socialisation & Confidence


• All 2 Weeks Training Content
• Distraction Training
• Introduction to "Place"
• Introduction to Safety Control
• Loose Leash Heeling
• Hand & Voice Cues
• Leadership Skills
• Fun Party Tricks


• All Previous Weeks Content
• Commands with Distractions
• Impulse Control
• Aggressiveness Training
• Anxiety & Separation Training
• E-Collar Training
• Tailored Solutions to Specific Issues

Let us help you and your dog to live your best lives with freedom and confidence!

Whatever your situation, we get it. Whether you’re dealing with puppy mischief or struggling with behavioural challenges, our personalized training programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and goals, ensuring lasting results. 

Take the first step towards a happier dog. Call us now to schedule a consultation or fill out the form and we will contact you.

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