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Successful Puppy Toilet Training: Say Goodbye To Accidents

Utilizing your Puppy’s crate ‘bedroom’ is the ideal puppy toilet training method. After correct crate training your Puppy knows and loves his special ‘bedroom’. This is never a fearful place for him or her and is especially important for all areas of his life as time goes on.

There are many benefits to Puppy toilet training utilizing the Crate method. This becomes your Puppy’s safe place and Bedroom for his necessary quite time. Remember this is your Puppies safe place, everyone needs to respect his quiet time, space and “bedroom”.

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Puppy Toilet Training Tips

  • Once or twice throughout the night toilet train your Puppy. This depends on your puppy toilet training needs.
  • The crate size should be big enough that he can turn and stand easily but not too big. As Puppies and dogs get bigger they naturally do not want to toilet in their own bed.
  • Take your Puppy to toilet immediately after napping, meals, drinking, before bed and before he is left alone. It is recommended to carry the Puppy outside initially so he doesn’t accidentally toilet inside.
  • Keep in mind Puppies have limited ability to control their bladder. You need to take him out to your designated toilet spot regularly, every 30 minutes up to an hour. If you see the tell- tale signs of sniffing or maybe walking in circles, take your Puppy out to the toilet area.
  • Develop a routine that includes a regular feeding schedule.
  • Take food away in between meals.
  • Keep your Puppy in the crate unless they can be totally supervised. This is for your puppy’s safety and puppy toilet training reasons as well.
  • You can introduce a command to toilet which may be helpful later. For example, if you are traveling and you need your dog to go to the toilet. As the Puppy is about to do his business you could use the cue word e.g. “Potty, Potty”.
  • Give your puppy plenty of praise and reward when he toilets in designated area.
  • If for some reason the Puppy has accidentally toileted in the house and only if you catch him in the act. Say “NO” pick him up and take him outside and clean that area with vinegar to deter him from using that spot.
  • Remember patience and consistency are the keys to toilet training and lots of rewarding for the right behaviour.
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