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Mastering Recall: Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Training your dog to come will usually be one of the first and most important lessons in dog obedience training. Sounds simple right? Luckily it is, although different breeds or new environments can sometimes prove to be more of a challenge than anticipated. In this episode of the Vision Dog Training blog we’ll teach you the most effective ways to start the road to successfully training your dog to come.

If you find your dog to be an exception to the rule, send through a message or call Debbie. Allow us to tailor advice specific to your situation and a solution for further professional dog training.

First steps to train your dog to come:

  • Practise on a lead in a low distraction environment such as a back yard or inside a room.
  • Use the lead to guide your Dog/Puppy to you when you call.
  • Never call a dog if you think he won’t come, set him up to win the game.
  • Never ever punish a dog when it does come to you, even after a very poor effort.
  • Get down low, move backwards and with enthusiasm call or whistle for example, “pup, pup, pup”.
  • Reward every time he comes to you with food, affection or play.
  • When he or she is distracted from you call his name and say “come” or whatever word you choose for the command.
  • Use the “come” command once on each recall.
  • Be the most exciting thing there is so your dog will want to come to you. Tame it down if he is too excited and wants to jump on you.
  • Remember to use your release word such as “OK” after you want them to go and play again.
  • Try to always end the “come” game on a positive with some play time or whatever your dog loves doing at that time.

Don’t over do it. When teaching keep the lessons short, simple and fun.

Congratulations! After practising many times with success, you’re already on your way to building a stronger relationship and having more fun with your dog.

Tune in for the next post or even send through a message and let us know what topic you would like more information on. For more information send through a message or call Debbie.

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